South Luangwa National Park camps - Chindeni


The translation of foreign names is always quite interesting and Chindeni is no different.  The story goes that a group of feisty youths came across a buxom maiden, burdened by her belongings, trying to cross the steep and wild hills.  They offered to help her carry her gear and at the other side, she rewarded them by making love to them, having nothing else to offer.  The hills have taken the name "Chindeni" which means to make love, and the camp which overlooks this intriguing skyline, has done likewise.

Not to digress further, the camp itself does indeed occupy the best location from which to view the hills beyond a permanent oxbow lagoon.  Raised high on pale wood platforms, airy, neutral-coloured tents with a clean contemporary style overlook this peaceful view.  Just to make sure you don't miss every opportunity to enjoy it, there are also hammocks swinging from the verandahs.  With only four tents, Chindeni is small enough for guests to feel at home and to be on first name terms with the efficient and gregarious team of staff.

Chindeni forms part of a series of very unique camps in this area of the Luangwa where the aim is to explore on foot and by vehicle.  There is a diverse range of habitats accessible from the camp and the wildlife is good, but not as abundant as the Mfuwe area.  However, there is enough to keep you occupied and for those that just enjoy being the in bush, and particularly walking, this is a great place to visit.  The birdlife here is also excellent.  The order of the day is normally a morning walk followed by brunch and some downtime, and a late afternoon drive to a sundowner and night-drive back to camp.

For more serious walkers, it is possible to link a number of Chindeni's sister camps (such as Kapamba, Bilimungwe} and Chamilandu up and walk between them, enjoying a few nights in a completely different place each night.  Previous guests have found it enjoyable to spend a couple of nights in Mfuwe Lodge to acclimatise and explore the busier but rich wildlife area around Mfuwe.

Price includes all food, local drinks and house wines, laundry and activities. Excludes all imported wines and spirits.

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