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Namibia, with its epic desert landscapes and vast empty roads, is as safe as it is exhilarating for family holidays.

Combine self-driving for several days with one or two sorties with expert desert guides to see the best of it.

If you like the idea of a proper road trip – bundling the family into your own four-wheel drive and taking to the open road in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries, then look no further. 

The scale of Namibia and its magical scenery make this feel like an adventure of epic proportions. You can drive for a full day in many parts of the country without seeing another car, but excellent back-up and well maintained roads and signs make this a safe trip to undertake with children (our youngest son was 2 ½ when we first self drove in Namibia…perhaps a little young in hind sight).

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson



The sand dunes make children out of all ages and there are so many different ways to experience the desert landscapes, from dune boarding to quad-biking that you should be all duned out by the end. 


Boat trips from Walvis Bay are also great fun – seals close enough to touch (beware of exceptionally bad breath) and pelican aerobatics galore (beware of exceptionally large bird droppings). 

Further north, the Skeleton Coast has a mystque all of its own, and with the palpable sense of desolation and remoteness, it isn't hard to see why they came up with the name. 


Self drive trips are excellent in Namibia, but if you're striking off road and looking to get properly into the wild, you need to be in the company of a local expert.

So we recommended a private camping safari, off the beaten track and led by an expert guide. These trips are a wonderful way for a family to enjoy an adventure and are extraordinarily good value.


The Skeleton Coast is unexpectedly varied in terms of terrain and wildlife. Pale sand-dunes, salt pans, canyons and mountains are found variously along the route. In certain areas it's possible to track desert-adapted elephant, rhino and lion amongst the riverbeds and there are also cheetah, giraffe, gemsbok, springbok and zebra.


Head to Damaraland (and along with a landscape so beautiful it can make grown men weep) there’s the chance for interesting walks and drives, and accessible wildlife including the extraordinary oryx that somehow scratches a living from an astonishingly hostile environment.

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It takes genuine local knowledge to craft trips that go beyond the ordinary.

All of us at Natural High have over 20 years’ experience in the countries we offer. We’ve lived there, worked there and arranged countless one-off journeys for clients. We live to travel – and love to share our tips on what’s really worth doing. For expert advice (and a traveller’s tale or two), speak to one of our team. They’ll be happy to let you in on their travel secrets, and help you plan a tailor-made trip that’s truly unforgettable.


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"They were incredibly helpful with choosing which camps we should go to and they took extra time to learn about us as a family so that they could be most able to advise us...I found them extremely willing to answer any questions and always responded in an extremely quick manner. Our itinerary went exactly as outlined and was very comforting to have someone every step of the way who was there to facilitate our moves between camps. We felt very lucky to have seen the parts of Kenya that we did and we would have never been able to research enough to affect the same things on our own."

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"Natural High provides great personalized service - they have incredible knowledge of Africa, and work with you to focus your interests and match you with an amazing experience. We have always had unbelievable trips with Natural High!"

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"I've been on many lovely holidays, but have never before had the ultimate luxury of such a personalised itinerary. Natural High Safari's attention to detail and total consideration of our particular requirements was quite simply brilliant! Our guide Joseph taught us more than we could ever have hoped, and my sons are looking forward to taking him on an English Safari, though we'll be sorely challenged to make it remotely as exciting and wonderful as the trip we had with him."

Emma Jackson VJ

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"Excellent the partner in Belize, excellent guide and service. The program choosen for he group was realy tailor made."

Ana Hardoy VJ



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