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1/3 Big-maned lion in Uganda
© Catherine Ronan Big-maned lion in Uganda
2/3 A curious perch
© Catherine Ronan A curious perch
3/3 Youngsters will often be curious and come right up to you
© Gorilla Forest Lodge Youngsters will often be curious and come right up to you

Uganda is one of the only countries where you can go gorilla trekking. Safaris in Uganda include some out of the places and unusual wildlife.

Uganda is a beguiling mixture of what the rest of Africa has to offer, from the semi-desert country of Karamoja, to the snow-capped mountains of the Rwenzoris and the "impenetrable" rainforests of Bwindi.  Uganda is lush, green and luxuriant, full of tropical exuberance and lots of banana trees.

During a short safari in Uganda you can see a much wider variety of landscapes and wildlife than in almost any other African country, and it has the advantage that it is still relatively undiscovered.  The country's primates hog the limelight somewhat, with the chance to see some of the last gorillas and chimps left in the wild being a major drawcard of a Uganda safari.  For those keen on venturing off the main safari circuit, though, there are some very picturesque parks and a wide array of bird and animal life to discover.  The great rivers, soaring mountains and rich forests are a mecca for any naturalist.

In the early days of European travel to Africa, Uganda was the place to go to. Queen Elizabeth and Muchison Falls National Parks were the great safari destinations. However, when Idi Amin took over in 1971 the country was condemned to years of decay and destruction, and the once great parks were devastated. However, since 1986 when Yoweri Museveni took over as President, Uganda has been slowly rebuilding itself. It is now peaceful and its people polite and friendly. Much effort has gone into restoring the parks and their wildlife, and there are some lovely little places to stay.

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