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10 Reasons to Visit Rajasthan

Compiling a must-see list in Rajasthan is not easy – there are just so many fantastic things to see and do. This area of India is ideal for any wildlife lover also wanting a taste of culture. One place of note to strike out into wild India in search of the majestic tiger as well take in the iconic must-see sights such as the Taj Mahal at Agra. We love this part of India as it allows us to follow the road less travelled and find hidden palaces and mystical off-the-beaten-track temples.

Royal palaces complete with resident maharajas who enjoy nothing more than conversation with guests.Wild landscapes of vast deserts and rugged hills perfect for hiking, cycling, camel treks and jeep safaris.

  1. Impregnable forts with incredible stories of Rajput chivalry and derring-do.
  2. Magical festivals of colour and lights, huge fairs trading horses, camels and cattle.
  3. Villages frequented by snooty camels and trundling bullock carts, wandering cows offered the first chapatti of the day fresh from the housewife’s oven.
  4. Warm, proud people; traditional farmers with giant turbans and even larger moustaches, Rabari herdsmen and Bishnoi conservationists, deposed royalty held in highest esteem.
  5. Tigers, birds and wildlife in protected sanctuaries, in lakes, deserts and forested hills.
  6. It’s a foodies paradise from saffron flavoured lassi in a recyclable clay cup to a five course dinner around a candle-lit step-well.
  7. Bazaars and markets teeming with life, colour, artisans and craftsmen and women at work.
  8. Temples and shrines with incense filled air, vermillion daubed gods and chanting priests.


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