How fit do you need to be to walk in the Kumaon?

High levels of fitness are not required to walk the routes between the lovely village houses and lodges we use in the Kumaon foothills of the India Himalaya. However, you need to be in general good health, take regular exercise at home and be used to walking.

When walking in the Kumaon you will need to wear broken in walking boots and a trekking pole can come in handy.  We can tailor your trip to include almost as many days as you like, but to get the most out of the experience and because it requires time and effort to reach this remote area, we suggest a minimum of four nights.

Walks with your private guide are over terraced foothills, across fields and through pine forests, up and down hills – some of them fairly steep. You only need to carry what you need during the day and if you are hiking to another village house, your luggage is transported  for you. The walks generally average around 10km per day over five to six hours at altitudes of 1400-2200m. We recommend toning up and increasing your level of excercise for a couple of months before you travel to ensure that you are fit and can comfortably manage the walks and enjoy the area.

From the rustic luxury lodge, 360’ Leti, circular walks of varied lengths and gradients can be advised by the lodge manager. You do not have to be accompanied but the forest trails can be quite confusing but a guide can be engaged if prefered . You can choose from easy strolls around the immediate area to full day walks along the river or to high pastures. 

Read more about our walking and trekking experiences in the Himalaya in India, Bhutan and Nepal, or get in touch to plan and book your tailor-made trip.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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