What to pack for a walking safari

When packing for a walking safari, there are a couple of key principles to stick to.  Make sure you are going to be comfortable and don’t plan on wearing bright colours or white while walking.  Remember that the sun in Africa is fierce so go for long sleeves, lightweight trousers and a wide-brimmed hat – sunburn is not fun.  Shorts are fine, but you might find yourself getting a bit scratched up.  Natural fabrics are often more comfortable than synthetic stuff.  Choose your walking shoes carefully: light but sturdy hiking boots are ideal.  Sun-cream is a must, and it is quite handy to have a little bottle which you can carry with you for reapplication.

For the most part, water is carried by the guide, however if you’re on a long walking safari, it’s good to have a water bottle on a shoulder-strap to make sure that you keep well hydrated.  Compact cameras and binoculars are ideal for walking, and if you do have a big pair of binoculars, there is a strap that helps to spread the weight across your shoulders which is much more comfortable than having them hanging around your neck.

We’ll give you specific advice for the safari that you are going on, but should you have any particular questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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