When’s the best time to visit Satpura?

Satpura National Park is open to visitors from mid October until the end of June and animal sightings are highest in last few months of this period. Unfortunately most western travellers find the heat (40 – 50’C) in May and June too much to bear, particularly if you are making a walking safari.  April makes a good compromise. The park closes during the monsoon rains of the summer months.

The winter months from November to February are the most comfortable time to visit Satpura, with pleasant midday temperatures, but it can still be very cold first thing in the morning and night so layers of clothing, including a coat are needed. If you're interested in finding out more you might like to read about a typical day on safari in India.

All parks occasionally close for random dates within the usual open season when the Forest Department conducts a wildlife census – sometimes only very short notice is given.

If you're interested in Indian wildlife get in touch and we will be delighted to offer advice about the best places and times to go and to book your tailor-made safari.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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