Alaskan Brown Bears
in Katmai National Park

View this magnificent omnivore in the company of one of Alaska’s most respected and experienced bear biologists


About Brown Bears

Visit a remote and inaccessible region of the Katmai National Park to view brown bears as they feed on the yearly salmon run.

The mighty coastal Alaskan brown bear is the largest land-based predator growing to over 1,500lbs – an icon of the Alaskan wilderness. Observing the giant brown bears up-close as they patrol the high mountain rivers in search of spawning sockeye salmon is an incredibly unique experience.

This wild expedition will take you off-grid in the company of one of Alaska’s most respected and experienced bear biologists as you patrol black sand beaches on foot, explore hidden coves and meadows of lush sedge and traverse forested inlets of sitka spruce in search of brown bears.

Each day you will awake to a new landscape, a new cove, a new anchorage and a new adventure. With your expedition vessel acting as a floating lodge, and your skiff as a water taxi, you are not constricted by formal National Park daily entry and exit regulations. We are able to follow the bears natural meanderings and go where the best bear interactions and viewing opportunities present themselves

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We are extremely lucky to have discovered this remote region of the Katmai, accessible only by flat bottomed expedition vessel.

This is a world-class wilderness experience; to sit for hours on end and quietly observe 1,500lb giants doing what bears do with very little concern for our presence.

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June to September tends to be the optimum time to head to the wilderness of Katmai for superb bear viewing, but each month brings different behaviours and activities.

June sees the bears converge on the coast of Katmai National Park to breed and forage for razor clams and raid the forests to enjoy protein rich sedges and vegetation. 

In July, the bears continue to replenish following hibernation eating grasses and berries. This is a great time to see young bears frolicking and mothers nursing their cubs. 

Action takes over in August when the salmon arrive in the rivers with the bears eager to glut on as many as possible. A photographer’s delight as the bears perfect their fishing skills in the rushing rivers of Katmai. 

The fishing frenzy continues as the bears reach their largest size in September having gorged all summer. At this time of year an autumnal glow arrives in the park and provides a beautiful backdrop.


“Natural High shines rays of adventurous light into some of the least explore, most exciting corners of the wider world.


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Brown Bear Expedition (FAQs) Need to Know

Where can I see brown bears in Alaska?

We recommend heading to Katmai National Park – little visited, remote and inaccessible to many travellers. Here you can patrol black sand beaches on foot, explore hidden coves and meadows of lush sedge in search of brown bears. In the company of an expert bear biologist, your adventure in Katmai will be nothing short of incredible.

How will I travel through Katmai National Park?

Much of your time in Katmai will be on-board your expedition vessel which will get you into the most remote areas of the park. From this base you will head out on foot to explore the pristine wilderness.

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