Monteverde Cloud

Explore the cloud forests of Central America with superb treks and hanging bridge trails.


About Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest

Of the twelve separate ecosystems found in Costa Rica, the cloud forests are the most evocative with fog-drenched trees so thickly coated in mosses, ferns, bromeliads and orchids that it’s hard to discern their true shape.

No visit to Costa Rica is complete without at least some time spent in the cloud forest. While they are widespread at high elevations throughout the country and any of them would be worth visiting, the most famous is Monteverde.

Through a series of twists of fates relating to pacifist Quakers fleeing US military service in the late 1940’s and then protecting the watershed above their new-found nirvana – and that watershed happening to straddle the continental divide – Monteverde is both ecologically important and historically well protected.

It also happens to be the place to see the resplendent quetzal – a large and spectacular trogon, amongst the world’s most outrageously plumed birds, a great scrabble word and certainly Central America’s most famous and sought-after avian species.

Wonderful hiking, canopy tours, horse riding and zip-lining are amongst the ways to explore this remarkable area. 

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Top Reasons To Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest

Often the best safaris involve looking beyond the obvious highlights. It’s about the exhilarating encounters that will make your heart sing. These are encounters that nobody could ever predict, but that make your safari genuinely unique.

Best Time To Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest

In terms of when to visit, “rainy season” has little meaning here as it’s always dripping wet from the fog.

If spotting the startling emerald jewels of the cloud forest that are the resplendent quetzal is high on your list, then the optimal viewing season corresponds with the breeding season from mid-February into July.

Best Time To Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest


Monteverde Cloud Forest (FAQS) NEED TO KNOW

Do I need a reasonable level of fitness to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest?

In general, no. Walking trails are well laid out and easily managed. There are routes that take visitors on anything from a one hour walk to a whole day, the longer the route the less other visitors will be seen, so we always advise aiming to do a minimum of 2-3 hours if possible. The longer trails take in gradient changes but none are extreme. Rain is an ever present possibility so always take wet weather gear.

What activities are there to do at Monteverde?

Activities in Monteverde are numerous. For those who want to experience more than the hiking trails in the cloud forest, we would recommend a stay of three nights. Some of the myriad activities are suspended walkways, canopy ziplines, chocolate tours, orchid garden visits, cheese factory tours, and the Monteverde cable car as well as soaking up the highland culture – the Monteverde music festival takes place in February/March.

Is it possible to combine a trip to Monteverde with other areas of Costa Rica?

Yes. We recommend always including at least two nights in the Monteverde region, often combined with a stay at Arenal before continuing to the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. Monteverde is around a 3.5 hour drive from San Jose.

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Receive a copy of our into the wild brochure

A print anthology of safari and wilderness travel with over 220 pages of travel inspiration.

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