SVALBARD Wildlife expeditions

Tailor made, expert-led safaris in spring and summer to track polar bears in the arctic

Svalbard has the largest density of resident polar bears in Europe. Pristine high Arctic tundra, unexplored fjords, vast glaciers and remote mountain ranges.

Spitsbergen and its surrounding islands represent the final frontier at 80 degrees North before the ice pack and the North Pole. An extraordinary and elemental wilderness just a short flight from Norway

The first sight of Svalbard is one you'll never forget; crisp white mountains appear from the deep Prussian Blue of the Arctic Ocean heralding an intense arctic wilderness of wind swept peaks and valleys, fjords and teal blue glaziers.

The opportunity to explore this remote wilderness, out of your comfort zone, in safety and style is a remarkable opportunity. Our trips to Svalbard are in the company of our expert natural history unit guide team. They take you far from the beaten track using personal - heated - expedition tented camps in the Spring or from a private ice-breaker during the summer months.  

If you are looking to have a stellar experience of Polar Bears in the company of one of the leading polar outfitters then Svalbard is the place to do this.

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Our Journeys into Svalbard are founded on 30 years of Arctic travel by Olly Williams.

This pair of artists has notched up 60 trips over the last 25 years, tracking and painting endangered predators all over the planet, from the desert to the jungle. Along the way they’ve made friends with legendary guides, polar explorers, survival experts and conservationists – all of whom they can hook you up with in a nanosecond”

- Condé Nast Traveller of Olly and Suzi Expeditions

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Head off to Svalbard's east coast in search of Polar bears, led by expert natural history film unit guides.

Explore Svalbard's fjords, coastline and the sea ice of the Barents Sea, supported by a private tented camp using heated tents with your own expedition chef.

Pure wilderness awaits just outside of the small community of Longyearbyen. Here you can cross country ski, snow-machine and view some of the most awesome wildlife and scenery on the planet. A world class wilderness destination in both summer and spring”

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Which is correct - Svalbard or Spitsbergen?

The answer is both - the name used today for the whole archipelago is Svalbard, while the largest island is called Spitsbergen, the name given to the area by William Barentz, the man who discovered the archipelago in 1596.

"Spitsbergen" simply means “pointed mountains” - a name that resonates strongly today when you first set eyes on the dramatic and wild terrain here. In the 17th and 18th Century Spitsbergen was believed to be part of Greenland and was referred to by this name on occasions and the name Svalbard was adopted by the Norwegians after the treaty of Spitsbergen in 1925.

Head off into areas unused by tourists aboard a private ICE RATED EXPEDITION VESSEL.

Traveling with A CREW OF THE WORLD’S TOP ARCTIC WILDLIFE FILMING GUIDES you will explore the coast line and islands of the Svalbard archipelago in search of Polar bears, walrus and the many whales that frequent these seas during the summer months.

There is a freedom to travelling by expedition vessel, far beyond the limits of the regular tourist zone, with the ability to cut a swathe through virgin ice pack, to deploy snow machines and kayaks. The feeling of being totally self-sufficient yet enjoying relative comfort and warmth and the luxury of having your meals prepared by your excellent expedition chef. This is a high Arctic expedition in the old-school style.”

- Olly Williams

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All our polar bear safaris, from Alaska to Svalbard

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