When’s the best time to visit Madagascar?

As a general rule of thumb Madagascar is best visited from April to December. Although some guide books suggest visiting Madagascar only from September to November, the island is large and the climate varies hugely so the best time to visit Madagascar depends on where you want to go, what you want to see and do. 

From late December through to March cyclones often accompany the main rains and so these wet season months are best avoided! Being prepared for all weather conditions is always recommended as weather patterns do not necessarily stick to the traditional seasons.

In brief here’s a guide to the best times to enjoy some of the best experiences:

April - avoids peak season, the landscape is lush after the rains, parks and beaches are quieter than usual.

July to September - whale watching off Madagascar’s east coast. Humpback whales migrate here from Antarctica to breed and calve in the warm waters. They can sometimes be spotted from the shore, but you can get a closer look by taking a boat trip from Ile Sainte-Marie or Masoala.

September to December - a great time for combining lemur watching, chameleons and a beach holiday with hot, relatively dry weather.

October and November - best for baby lemur tracking

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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