Ngorongoro Crater camps - Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is an extravagant boutique lodge in one of the world's more dramatic locations. A great place to spoil yourself, but not everyones idea of authentic East African safari.There's little middle ground here, Ngorongoro Crater lodge is high luxury and somewhere you'll either love or hate.

You'll either have the time of your life and love the sheer indulgence of sunken baths, massages, personal butlers and even a shop where you can peruse the latest in Maasai bling, or you'll feel that this level of extravagance is more appropriate to Las Vegas than Ngorongoro.

This is entirely a matter of taste, but what is beyond dispute is the excellent level of service and the extraordinary location. Where else can you sit at 7500 ft with a cold drink and watch the game almost 1/3 a mile below you. This place is the product of a superbly creative imagination, which makes for an almost theatrical atmosphere and accounts for half of the fun of staying here. Every last detail at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is decorated and designed - with burnished steel and elaborate sculptural décor at every turn and masks spears and tribal art adorning the walls.

The rooms here are incredibly comfortable, beautifully constructed with lavish attention to detail and no luxury spared; you'll find electric blankets, hot showers, sunken baths and even a small box of chocolate offerings. The rooms are a monument to African hardwoods, which will either delight or depress and you'll find your bed strewn with rose petals every time you turn your back.

What's more, if you ever get as far as looking out of your window, you have one of the most exceptional views of the Ngorongoro Crater and Highlands and this is one of the best ways to view it; spend the morning on the floor of Ngorongoro Crater, seeing the game close up then retire to the verandah at Ngorongoro Crater lodge with a cold drink and watch from there - it's the ultimate seat in the gods.

Not surprisingly, game drives to the Ngorongoro Crater floor are the mainstay at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - expect good guides and shared vehicles (max 7 per vehicle)

price includes accommodation, food, drinks, laundry, activities and excludes transfers.

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