Trip Itinerary

Northern Tanzania for Active Families

ARUSHA (1 Night)
1 Night



Your first night in Tanzania will be spent in the charming Rivertrees Country Inn. Enjoy spectacular views of Mt Kilimanjaro and ten acres of fertile greenery, home to plenty of birds and wildlife.

The elegant cottages are peaceful and picturesque, while the restaurant serves up tasty meals using fresh ingredients and old family recipes. You can also sample many of the region’s locally grown coffees — especially fitting considering Rivertrees was once a coffee farm.

2 Nights


For most people, Lake Manyara involves a lunchtime visit, diving in and out of the northern gate for a hectic two-hour game drive. This entirely misses the true appeal of the rich and beautiful park, which is why our approach is rather different. Coming in from the southern end, we prefer to stick to the quiet areas where few others visit. For those feeling active, the best way to arrive in camp is by mountain bike. Head onto the tracks beginning in the northern villages which gradually take you to the lakeshore, and follow to the southern end where camp is located.

One of these places is a secluded spot under a waterfall coming out of the dramatic Great Rift Valley escarpment. As well as game drives, this is an ideal site for walking. Stroll along the shores of the sublime soda lake or scramble up the waterfall to swim in rock pools, and watch as herds of elephants come to drink below you.

Manyara is also famous for its tree-climbing lions. Although you have a good chance of seeing them, there’s plenty more to enjoy here too. Game grazes on the short grass of the lakeshore while elephants and buffalos feed in the mature woodland.

Accommodation: Lake Manyara Light Tented Camp

We love the Lake Manyara Light Tented Camp for its consciously simple approach. Everything is designed to be as comfortable as possible while giving the best experience of the stunning location. No noisy generators, no concrete and only a handful of other guests.