Tanzania Accommodation camps - Lamai Serengeti

Lamai Serengeti

Nomad Tanzania’s Lamai Serengeti is a small intimate safari lodge amongst the large round boulders of the Kogakurjia Kopjes of the Northern Serengeti. This stunning spot, with huge views of the Serengeti towards the Mara River, is best known for the epic river crossings by the migrating wildebeest herds that take place here between July and October. It’s less known for the superb resident game that remains for the rest of the year after the migration circus has left town.

The lodge, which has a total of just 12 rooms, is divided into two entirely separate camps - the Main Camp and the smaller Lamai Private Camp, which has to be one of the best places to stay as a family or group of friends.

The site is one that Nomad have known and used for more than 20 years now for their mobile camps. Consequently each room site has been carefully thought out; first with the elements in mind, to take maximum advantage of the view, the sun, the wind and even the rain, second, to be virtually invisible from outside to the casual eye. The beautifully designed rooms are a clever blend of canvas, plaster and wood.

Both camps have a natural rock swimming pool to keep everyone cool on a steamy day and a library and map room. There is a bar area with cosy nooks hidden within the rocks, fabulous food, perfectly chilled wine, outdoor showers, roomy verandas with sofas to sink into - think Sand Rivers Selous meets the Serengeti, with a tweak of fresh genius amongst it, and you won't be far wrong.

Recognising that most will want to do more than just sit and absorb the view, (although that in itself can be enough) the focus is on game drives. The scenery is stunning with huge African skies and rolling plains.   You may see Mara river crossings from July through to December or from December to June you can have an altogether quieter and less-crowded experience in an area that is teeming with resident game.

Nomad offer short guided walks within the immediate area, through nearby kopjes and along the myriad riverlines.

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