Humpback Whale Safaris

Trips to see humpback whales in the wild from Madagascar to free-diving in Tonga

Nothing really prepares you for your first up-close encounter with a Humpback Whale. The combination of their physical size and presence, with the exuberance of their behaviour is disarming

This is an animal that combines effortless grace under water with ebullient displays of surface behaviour that range from repeated tail and fin-slaps to full blown breaches where the animal launches its full weight clean out of the water

There are a couple of areas where we offer trips that give you exceptional opportunities to see humpbacks up close.

In the warm waters off the northeast coast of Madagascar is the Bay of Antongil. Protected by the hook of the Masoala Peninsula, this area is of critical importance to many marine species. Each year, Humpback Whales migrate here to give birth and to breed between the months of July and mid October. Stay on the shores of Masoala National Park and you can witness these leviathans breaching from shore. Put your head into the water with a snorkel and you'll hear their haunting calls as they glide past. Jump in a kayak and you can watch as they pass by. Take a look at a trip to northern Madagascar

If you like the idea of getting altogether closer to the whales, then head to the Kingdom of Tonga, where we can offer you the chance to free dive with the whales in what must be one of the most remarkable wildlife encounters you could hope to have.

We were crossing the Antongil Bay, out to the peninsula, and we came quite close to them. A pod of calves was a sea-monster passing an islet. A parent slapped the water with the top of her tail while lying on her back, flipped over and slapped again, her flukes a whacking kraken hand. Now she began to jump. On the fourth and fifth breach the entire whale left the water and twisted in the air. I wept, beaming it all the love I could and adding the love of my mother, who would have loved to have been there ”


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safaris to see humpback whales

Free diving with Humpback Whales

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safaris to see humpback whales

Madagascar's lemurs and whale migration

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