Kenya Safari Expedition
to Lake Turkana

  • 7 Nights
  • June – August
  • Kenya
  • From £5,930 PP
  • Authentic

Trip Overview

Travel to the far north of Kenya for a real adventure off the beaten track, where you’ll experience genuine wilderness and magical nights camping under the stars.

This incredible journey takes you to the near-mythical Lake Turkana, only discovered in 1888 despite being Africa’s fifth largest lake and having a longer shoreline than Kenya’s coast. It’s home to millions of crocodiles, monstrous Nile perch, and varied wildlife both living and fossilised.

Though it’s hard to imagine anything could survive in this parched, otherworldly setting, both familiar (zebra, buffalo, gazelle) and lesser-known (tiang, Heuglin’s bustard) species eke out a living here.

You’ll also spend time on the emphatically game-rich Laikipia Plateau, home to all the safari big-hitters and arguably the best place to find wild dog anywhere at the moment – so this safari encapsulates both the classic and the esoteric.

The mobile camps themselves are stripped-down affairs with simple camp beds, dome tents, a basic drop loo, and a bucket shower. As the focus here is on the journey and much of your time will be spent gazing over the ever-changing landscapes and experiencing surprising revelations. That could be tens of thousands of sandgrouses alighting out of a clear blue sky to drink from a desert oasis, encounters with minute yet proud tribes, or rummaging for meteorites.

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Highlights of this itinerary

Often the best safaris involve looking beyond the obvious highlights. It’s about the myriad exhilarating encounters that will make your heart sing. These are encounters that nobody could ever predict, but that make your safari genuinely unique.

Trip Itinerary

Kenya Safari Expedition to Lake Turkana

Laikipia Plateau (3 Nights)
3 Nights

Laikipia Plateau

Walking is the speciality at your Laikipia Plateau camp, where you can arrange everything from a half-day jaunt to a full multiday mobile safari. Safaris on foot in Kenya are sublime, especially in this area, where being on private land means you can do whatever you host permits, including walking, swimming and fishing.

The wildlife in this part of Kenya is incredibly stunning, where some of the star attractions include lions, leopards, elephants, wild dogs and buffalos.

You can also see the endangered Grévy’s zebra — a desert specialist surviving on the semi-arid grasslands in northern Kenya with isolated populations also in Ethiopia. This is the largest living wild equid and can survive five days without water. Current estimates suggest there are no more than 2,700 left in the wild. To put that in perspective, there are approximately twice as many critically endangered black rhinos in Africa.


Laikipia Wilderness Camp

The wildlife in the surrounding area is supreme, being one of the best wild dog spotting sites Africa has to offer.

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Parks & Areas

Lake Turkana (3 Nights)
3 Nights

Lake Turkana

Once you arrive in camp, the first thing you’ll want to do is head straight for the cool, jade waters of Lake Turkana, perhaps with the local fishermen watching on. Luckily the camp is beside the ‘safe’ swimming area, and therefore reliably free from crocodiles.

Elsewhere, you’ll traverse the Chalbi Desert — East Africa’s only true desert on the sandy floor of an ancient mega-lake. Chalbi means “salt” in the local Gabra dialect, fitting as so much of it is covered by a thin white salt crust. 

Chalbi Desert

Another highlight is the very beautiful though rarely-visited Marsabit National Park. This was the location of Africa’s first ever wildlife documentary, shot by Osa and Martin Johnson between 1924 and 1927. The area is gorgeously green and the lush grass attracts large herds of elephants and buffalos.

Marsabit National Park


Your mobile camp on the shores of Lake Turkana is the ultimate means of leaving normal life behind and getting as close to the natural world as possible. Watch the sun rise in crimson and silver while exchanging stories around the morning fire, then as the stars brighten, lined up your camp beds on the beach and wriggle snugly into your covers.


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