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Lowland Gorillas in Odzala National Park

Odzala National Park (3 Nights)
3 Nights

Odzala National Park

On both full days here, you will accompany a researcher to locate one of the three habituated gorilla families. This is very different from the mountain gorilla experiences in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There is no advance party and no bleeping radios — just you, your guide and the researcher, who tracks the gorillas and notes their behaviour every single day.

Furthermore, lowland gorillas tend to be more active than their mountain cousins, perhaps most akin to giant chimpanzees. As such, the experience is less about merely looking at the apes and more about experiencing their behaviour.

The treks can be long and the resident stingless-bees are bothersome (though head nets are provided), but the ground is generally pretty flat and easy to walk on.


Located in the Ndhezi Forest adjacent to Odzala National Park, Ngaga Camp is primarily for gorilla tracking, although vocal chimpanzees, birds and lots of other wildlife can be seen and heard here.

The camp’s deck is a great place to watch for monkeys through the canopy. And unlike most wild places in Africa, the absence of large, threatening, nocturnal predators means Ngaga is a great place to take a night walk and look for seldom-seen species such as the tree civet and potto.

Ngaga Camp

Being built on raised platforms takes you up into the canopy and makes you feel like your floating among the trees.

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Odzala National Park (1 Night)
1 Night

Odzala National Park