A private tented camp set up in the southern deserts of Morocco

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Travelling through Morocco you are immediately struck by a wonderfully intact culture founded on centuries of history

The High Atlas Mountains offer one of the best wilderness experiences in all of Africa

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Essaouira on the coast is a wonderful place to spend a few days exploring the narrow streets, hanging out in cafes or enjoying the fresh seafood.

If you're looking for an formative cultural experience for your family, think about heading off into the Mountains for a few days

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Simple white safari tents lit by lanterns are carried on the backs of camels or mules into the desert and High Atlas on our light mobile safaris

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Getting into real desert is a profoundly exciting experience. And thoroughly at odds with anything most of us experience in our daily lives


A vibrant mosaic of epic wilderness and rich culture

Why Morocco?

Just a short hop from Europe, Morocco is a sensational country with a fascinating history, incredible cultural heritage and diverse physical beauty. It’s no exaggeration to say that the wilderness here ranks among the best experiences in the whole of Africa. And it’s all exceptional value for money too.

Using private mobile camps, carried on the backs of either camels or mules, we offer private treks into the Southern Deserts and the High Atlas Mountains. Unlike similar safaris in the rest of Africa, this form of travel is intrinsically linked to the country’s culture; this is how people have travelled in this part of Africa for centuries

It’s not just an exciting mode of transport. It adds a fascinating – and highly accessible – cultural dimension. It’s an opportunity to experience a slice of authentic Berber culture in a low-key and unobtrusive way.

Walk through small settlements, meeting nomadic pastoralists along the way. Sleep under the stars after dining on freshly prepared Moroccan food. For families, this is probably one of the most memorable holidays you can have with your children. Just take a look at a family trip to Morocco for a taste of what you could do.

Away from the wilderness, Morocco is alive with history and regal luxury. Slowly make your way with a private guide and vehicle from Fes in the north, through the souks and squares of Marrakech, the switchbacks and passes of the High Atlas, to the deserts and walled cities of the south. 

Along the way, experience a seductive blend of culture – from fresh tagines and mint tea at roadside stops, to fortified mountain Kasbahs in splendid isolation, to the cafes and carpets of Essaouira. This is one of the most rewarding countries for a week or two of authentic, transformative travel.  

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  • Wilderness and cultural travel in one
  • Outstanding for adventurous families
  • Private camps carried by camels or mules
  • Endless magical riads and kasbahs


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