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Morocco is a country of immense and diverse physical beauty, with some of the most inspiring areas of pristine wilderness in Africa

Morocco is a country of immense and diverse physical beauty, with some of the most inspiring areas of pristine wilderness in Africa. It's also superb value and just a few short hours flight from the UK.  From the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas to its wave-strafed Atlantic coastline and on south to the billowing, seemingly endless sand dunes that run away into the Sahara Desert.

Recommended experiences in Morocco

High Atlas Mountains in MoroccoPrivate tented desert safari
Moroccan desert trips using private tented camps as a base to explore southern Morocco. One of the most rewarding wilderness experiences available.
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High Atlas Mountains in MoroccoThe stunning High Atlas Mountains
The High Atlas, the greatest mountain range of North Africa, is one of the most beautiful and intriguing part of Morocco.
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EssaouiraCamel trekking with private camp
Beyond the intoxication of Marrakech, the peace and solitude of trekking with camels in the remote valleys of the High Atlas is a perfect counterbalance.
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EssaouiraEssaouira - shops and city life
Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast, 176km west of Marrakech and 360km south of Casablanca.
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For a country so close to Europe, it’s exhilarating to find such an intact culture and epic North African landscape with real contrast to anything European at almost every turn. Leave Marrakesh and head south and in less than an hour you’re climbing into the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.  This is magnificent trekking country where you can thread your way among small Berber villages, supported by mule trains, either on foot or on horseback, supported with a light tented camp. 

Emerge through one of the Atlas passes and you enter a different world of reds, browns and ochres.  Southern Morocco, with its iconic desert landscape, is liberating to explore by 4x4, taking in such places as the Draa Valley, the Anti Atlas and the open expanses of the desert.  Spend a few days exploring this part of the country and you’ll rediscover the intoxicating sense of freedom that comes with travelling in such epic landscape.  Yet, there’s more, as Morocco is a country of considerable culture, as you would expect from a land where Africa all but reaches Europe and the Mediterranean feeds into the Atlantic Ocean.

The medieval imperial city of Fes can lay claim to the oldest continually-operating university in the world, dating back to 859, with some of the practices in the surrounding streets and alleyways little changed even today.  When you've done exploring, spend a few days relaxing in amongst the rich colours and charismatic streets of Essaouira or the old school café culture of Tangier or head into the Atlas for a few days in splendid isolation contemplating the peaks from the civilised retreat of a mountain-top Kasbah.

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A few of our favourite places to stay in Morocco

Villa Maroc

Villa Maroc was Essaouira’s original stylish riad, seen in


Light mobile camp under the stars in Morocco

Desert Light Mobile Camp

The Desert Light Mobile Camp is a private tented camp that we


Camping in high style in the Moroccan Desert

Luxury Desert Camp

With it’s lavishly decorated Caidale tents, the Luxury


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