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Getting around in Botswana - and in particular accessing tiny camps in the Delta - can be a considerable logistical head-ache. For the most part your journey into, out of, and between camps in the Delta will be by private charter. Although the term “private charter" conjures up an opulent, exclusive private-jet type experience, these flights will be mainly in small single or twin-propeller aircraft which are good and nippy and great for landing on bush airstrips. The fortunate thing is that you don’t have to hire the whole plane and generally, with a minimum of two passengers, there will be a per seat rate as with a normal airline. Some operators offer mobile safaris which may combine road and air transfers. These are often scheduled group departures which leave on set dates and you may be joining a number of other people but usually no more than 6. This way of travelling can help save a few pennies and you can see some great areas that you wouldn’t normally see by air. On the flip-side, there may be a fair amount of time spent in a vehicle which may not suit everyone.
If your international flight takes you into Kasane or Victoria Falls you will be able to transfer by road to Chobe. Between Chobe, the Okavango Delta, Kalahari and Makgadikgadi, though, you will be relying on those little planes. The bush pilots in Botswana are experienced and you can think of it as something of an air-taxi service (gratuitous banter and exaggerated stories included).
Therefore, when you are looking at booking your international flight into Botswana, you will be aiming to arrive at either Victoria Falls, Kasane or Maun (depending on where your safari starts). There are regular connections from Johannesburg in South Africa direct to all of these towns. You will need to have had a discussion with us first about how your itinerary will be planned before you can go ahead and confirm flights but it is a good idea to hunt around a little first so you know what to expect price-wise.

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