Is Botswana a family destination?

Botswana as a safari destination, is a great place to consider for your family.  For young people, a safari in Botswana may be the most exhilarating experience. The adventure of travelling in light aircraft low over the waters of the Delta and plains of the Kalahari is unparalleled. Furthermore, waking up early to explore the wilderness in an open vehicle or out in a dug-out canoe is not something they are likely to forget. Some of the camps and lodges work closely with San Bushmen trackers who have a particular affinity for kids and will be delighted to spend time showing them the tricks of the bush. The great thing about Botswana is the variety of activities on offer so it is unlikely that boredom will have a chance to set in.

However, this does need to be qualified. Many camps and lodges don’t allow children below the ages of 8 or 12, some won’t let under 16’s out on walks. You should also note that some camps don’t offer concessionary rates to children and even, in some instances, may require you to take exclusive use of a vehicle or part of a camp at an extra fee.  That said, there are camps that are genuinely family-friendly and tailor accommodation, meals and activities to meet the needs of their young guests.

Posted by: Alex

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