When and where to see birds in Botswana

Birdlife in the Okavango Delta will give any destination a run for its money. There is a total of 550 species of birds in Botswana. Each area has its list of particularly special endemics and the diversity of habitats mean that the bird watching will be varied and interesting. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine an African safari destination where there could be more to see on the bird front.

A few of the favourites include African Skimmer, Carmine Bee-eaters, Jacanas, Pel’s Fishing owl, Violet-eared Wax-bill, Crimson breasted Shrike, Racket-tailed Roller, Wattled Crane and Rosy-throated Longclaw among many.

There are operators that offer dedicated birding itineraries throughout Botswana which can include any of the diverse habitats in the country. The best times to visit depend very much on what you want to see, however between November and March (typically the low season in terms of other wildlife) is when the migratory birds come through to breed.

If you are particularly interested in a birding safari, then there is definitely something for you here. Just give us a call for a chat.

Posted by: Alex

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