Peru's Wildlife Treks and Culture

An astonishing variety of wildlife sits against a backdrop of cultural history in Peru

Running from the shores of the Pacific through rain- and cloud forests to the summit of Huascarán at over 22,000 ft, Peru's dramatically varied landscapes and geography make for almost unimaginable biodiversity

Combine stays in beautiful Posadas and visits to Inca and Pre-Inca settlements with treks in the Andes and forests of this remarkable country

Arrival in Cusco turns out to be something of a metaphor for what to expect in Peru. As you step off the plane into the rarified air at 11,000 ft above sea level, it will literally take your breath away. But this won't be the only time a journey through Peru will have this affect on you, either literally or metaphorically.

This a country rich in wildlife, from the whales and fish that team off the Pacific coast to the hundreds of species of mammal including Jaguar, Puma and Spectacled Bear or the more than 1700 species of bird found here. And that's before you get your teeth into the tens of thousands of species of plant (including numerous endemic ones).

But of course Peru is perhaps best known for its cultural history, embodied in the extraordinary spectacle of Machu Picchu, the remarkable Inca Citadel dating back to the early 1400s and only recognised by the outside world after discovery by Hiram Bingham in 1911. Machu Picchu is one of those must-do destinations, but like many such places it's self-evident splendour needs to be accompanied by a health warning; this has become a populous tourist trap, so be prepared.

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Machu Picchu - See it, but be careful how

Travel by train on the magical glass-roofed trains that take you through Andean scenery to Machu Picchu and you'll be disgorged among thousands of day trippers. Better to take your time, take a road trip through the Urubamba Valley spending a night en route in a small posada, enjoying excellent local food. Continue the next day picking up the afternoon train, to arrive in Machu Picchu as the hubub subsides. Spend the night at the only lodge at the site, in one of barely more than a dozen rooms and you'll have a magical morning to explore at your leisure without the teaming hordes


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Combine Peru with Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

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Beyond the well-known headline acts sit a host of lesser-known, but no less remarkable sights and experiences that make Peru well worth a visit.

From the Inca fortress at Sacsayhuamán dating back to 1100 to the worlds deepest canyon - and home to Andean Condor - the Colca Canyon where you can trek in the surrounding landscape and stay in a beautiful lodge constructed of natural materials and overlooking the Colca River

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A great network of flights make it simple to travel within Peru, but also to combine with The Galapagos and Ecuador in a kaleidoscopic Latin American journey

Set aside a couple of weeks minimum and this is an incredible holiday for families, well worth doing almost any time of year

Combine Peru, Galapagos and Ecuador. Sensational Marine Wildlife, primary cloud forest, wild mountain scenery and rich culture make an unforgettable South American Odyssey”

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