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1/5 The Punakha Valley, Bhutan
© COMO The Punakha Valley, Bhutan
2/5 A monk enters a temple within Punakha dzong
A monk enters a temple within Punakha dzong
3/5 Takstang - the Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro
Takstang - the Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro
4/5 Lighting the wood burning stove in a One bedroom villa, Uma Paro
Lighting the wood burning stove in a One bedroom villa, Uma Paro
5/5 Isolation from the world for centuries has helped to preserve Bhutan's pristine environment
Isolation from the world for centuries has helped to preserve Bhutan's pristine environment

Private tailor made tours in Bhutan; from private treks in the pristine Himalaya to intelligently guided tours discovering Bhutan's unique living culture

Self-isolation has helped Bhutan preserve its unique culture of timeless traditions, myths and legends, and to protect its wonderful pristine environment of sacred mountains, fast flowing rivers and over 5000 species of plants. A tour of Bhutan is an experience like no other.

Culture, myths and legends

Thunder dragons and tiger nestsThunder dragons and tiger nests
On a cliff 900m above the floor of Paro valley, Bhutan’s most famous dzong Taktsang, the Tiger’s Lair, or Tiger’s Nest monastery clings to a sheer rock face.
Explore Paro valley
Chobe River in BotswanaTake the family to Bhutan
Bhutan family holidays - a fascinating and privileged experience; rich in culture, hospitable to a fault with plenty of activities for energetic families.
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Bhutan monasteriesSee Bhutan monasteries
Crossing over mountain passes, you’ll discover fortified Bhutan monasteries and towers in virgin forests protecting the old Silk Road from Tibet.
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Thimpu, BhutanVisit Thimpu
Thimphu was established in the 1950’s to replace the former capital of Punakha.
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In Bhutan even the ordinary is extraordinary; there are no traffic lights, even in the capital Thimphu, and the last king introduced the now famous "happiness principle" which rejected GDP as a measure of progress and chose instead to value the country's progress in terms of Gross National Happiness. Television and the internet were introduced only in 1999, smoking is against the law for Bhutanese citizens and the wearing of traditional national dress is compulsory.

This mystical Himalayan kingdom only opened its doors to tourism in the 1980’s and continuously strives to maintain its cultural identity by resisting western influences. The Bhutanese have a unique view of life and way of doing things that can be quite perplexing, but having travelled across Bhutan ourselves we’re able to offer first-hand advice and plan your Bhutan tour to give you an incredible holiday in this truly amazing country.

Walking and trekking in Bhutan

Wedged between India to the south, east and west, and Tibet to the north, the land of Bhutan rises from just a few meters above sea-level to permanently frozen peaks and sacred unclimbed mountains of over 7000m (23 000ft).

Trekking in BhutanTrekking in Bhutan
Trekking in Bhutan is a complete wilderness experience that sets it apart from walking anywhere else in the Himalaya.
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Trekking the Druk PathPrivate trek on the Druk Path
Trekking in Bhutan was the only way to get around the Himalayan kingdom until the 1960’s. The Druk Path follows an old trade route connecting major towns.
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Festivals in Bhutan

Bhutan’s unique form of Buddhism has shaped the kingdom’s history and continues to permeate every aspect of daily life. Festivals are hugely important to Bhutanese people and basing your trip around a festival is a great way to experience Bhutan’s fascinating living culture and join the celebrations.

When to visit Bhutan

Spring and autumn are usually considered the best times for a Bhutan tour, but other seasons shouldn't be overlooked. April and October receive the highest number of foreign visitors as the climate is near perfect, particularly for trekking, and the spectacular Paro and Thimphu fesitvals are celebrated at this time. We highly recommend touring Western Bhutan in the quiet summer or winter months - though you'll need to come prepared for afternoon rain in summer and to face the cold in winter, but you will have the main sites pretty much to yourself. You can read more about when to visit Bhutan or get in touch and we'll be happy to give advice about the best time to go based on the things you want to see and do.

Where to stay in Bhutan

Standard accommodation in Bhutan can be fairly simple – service, plumbing and electricity standards are not comparable with those in the west and power shortages are not uncommon. We always try to use the best available; in smaller owner-run hotels you’ll be given a warm welcome, and staff do their best to make guests comfortable and deal with any requests. Over the last few years a handful of different international hotels have also entered the scene and generally offer a much higher standard of accommodation and service and a greater variety of cuisine for a luxury tour of Bhutan.

If you're interested in a tailor-made tour of Bhutan, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to plan and book your trip.

A few of our favourite places to stay in Bhutan

Gangtey Goenpa Lodge

The spectacular setting is a real draw at Gangtey Goenpa, a new


Guset room at Gangtey Palace

Gangtey Palace

This 19th century Bhutanese courtyard styled building was once


A One bedroom villa, Uma Paro

Uma Paro

Sitting on a pine-covered hillside Uma Paro is a gorgeous


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