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Sensational deserts landscape bathed in rich ice-cream light and intriguing desert-adapted mammals

Namibia is one of the most photogenic countries in Africa – sensational colours abound, complemented by a sublime quality of light, clear blue skies and immense wild spaces.

While there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife here, from the desert adapted elephant of the Skeleton Coast, to the big cats of Etosha, this is only a small part of the reason to visit. This is a country where you can drive for a full day without seeing another soul. Literally.

To see Namibia properly, you need to gain perspective. Like looking at a painting, it’s best viewed at leisure. This can be done either by taking to the skies to see the stunning desert landscapes from above, or travelling overland through them over a period of days. You can do this on a self-drive safari which is outstanding in both adventure and value or on a specialist safari with a leading conservationist guide into the remote northwest of the country. If you want to leave Namibia with some sense of the scale and extent of its beauty, plan to do one of these things for at least part of your safari.

One of the best ways to see Namibia is to combine a number of the country's stunning desert lodges using a light aircraft to connect them.

Despite the noticeable lack of people in the majority of the country, there is frequent evidence of human attempts to tame this harsh landscape. On the wild coasts, shipwrecks and seals mingle. In the diamond fields of the Namib, quirky little towns are slowly reclaimed by the sand. Most strikingly, the Bushmen have left their mark in rock etchings and still live nomadically, with few possessions, on the edge of the Kalahari.


- The Daily Beast

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Namibia specialises in breathtakingly creative desert lodges where you can eat on plein air and sleep under a blanket of stars

Connect the best of these lodges using scheduled light aircraft flights and you add an extraordinary dimension that you will never forget - the colours, patterns and contrasts of the desert take on a whole different dimension when seen from above

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Mobile safaris are one of the few, and best, ways to properly experience the remote northwest of Nambia.

Expert guides and comfortable vehicles make the long days fascinating. Simple, comfortable camps set up in virgin spots every couple of days mean that each new day will bring fresh adventure and new territory to explore.

Travelling overland gives you a greater connection with your surroundings, allowing you to appreciate the transition from one unusual landscape to another, feeling more like an intrepid adventurer than a momentary visitor: somehow the experience is more ingrained.

One of the finest things about a mobile safari is the random places you’ll stop off for a leg-stretch and coffee served on the bonnet, or have an impromptu picnic under a tree with not a single other human in sight. Namibia's vast emptiness presents an ideal opportunity to get out and roam without the need for a permanent base or a structured time-table.  

The harshly beautiful landscape of the Kunene region is home to only the nomadic, ochred Himba people and a number of desert-adapted species. Venturing through the wide valleys and unusual rock formations of this inhospitable place, you can truly feel as though you are the only person on earth.  Entire days go by without seeing any sign of another person, and your camp-fire at night is likely to compete only with the stars.

Mobile safaris rank highly in our choice of the best ways to explore Africa, especially if you really want to venture off the tourist trail and get amongst nature in a very “real” way.  Nothing beats early morning tea brewed on a smoky fire, or the fact that there is just a sheet of canvas between your and miles and miles of unspoilt Africa.  A bucket shower after a long safari day is quite the most exquisite thing, and does a better job than your therapist of calming your mind and soothing your soul.  It really is hard to sum up so the only thing for it is to get out there and experience it for yourself.

Nothing beats early morning tea brewed on a smoky fire, or the fact that there is just a sheet of canvas between your and miles and miles of unspoilt Africa. ”

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Namibia's Top Experiences

Namibia's Skeleton Coast Flying safari


The original and best - a remarkable journey into remote Namibia by private plane. Beach-landing, dune running, elephant tracking once in a lifetime adventure.

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Namibia's Top Experiences

Self drive the best of Namibia


Head off with your own 4x4 on an itinerary that takes you to the best of Namibia's areas. Combine with one of two excursions in the hands of the experts along the way.

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Namibia's Top Experiences

Explore the wild northeast with a private camp


A unique expedition lead by leading lion researchers and conservationists into Namibia's Northwestern deserts

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Namibia's Top Experiences

The Best of Namibia's Wildlife and Landscapes


Combine stunning desert lodges, incredible desert landscapes and wildlife. Fly from lodge to lodge

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Namibia, with its perfect outdoor climate and magnificent deserts is an intoxicating place for families to have a proper adventure

Climb behind the wheel of your own 4x4 and take to Namibia's vast empty roads and you enter your very own road movie. Prepare for scenery so stunning and roads so endless that you wont believe your eyes. Pull into beautifully run desert lodges by night where you'll eat beautifully prepared food while the children marvel at the polution-free night skies. Climb dunes and run back down them, drive the Skeleton Coast, track desert elephant and more. 

It is entirely possible that amongst the trillions of anonymous pebbles that I crunch blindly beneath my boots, lies a diamond, created 3 billion years ago, washed out of the diamond pipes in the Kimberley region of South Africa, down the Orange river into the South Atlantic and thrown up on to the shore by the ocean’s gigantic sorting machine for me to find. ”

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As I stand on the lonely airstrip at 6 o’clock in the morning, I look at the plains where rocks are strewn as if in a giant Japanese garden, stretching to the foot of the mountains beyond.

Towering flat-topped basalt hills encircle me and there is not a living thing to be seen. The silence is eerie and complete. There are no bird calls, no sounds of cars or planes, no conversation, no trees for the wind to rustle.

The edge of a pale blue sky is scalloped by the hills; 360 degrees of rock exploding with the deep red of the dawn light.  The silence, space and emptiness makes me feel light and exuberant; I feel I am the only person on earth – only it seems more like Mars.

The day before, we land on a white sand beach upon which the Atlantic beats with frothy waves and the wind whips sharply around my ankles.  I walk barefoot away from the plane and into the bare reaches of sand, rock, and gravel to feel the emptiness of the desert.  The wind is quick and gusty and fills my lungs with fresh salty air.  There is not a cloud in the sky.  The impression is one of liberation, felt deep in the chest: it touches all the senses.

The following day, from our birdlike vantage point, we witness the patterns of rock and sand created by ancient processes.  At the right time of day, the paper-sheaf of angled rock is thrown into relief, the shadows emphasising every sinuous curve.  Patterns like veins in the sand made by rare water courses spread beneath us.  As we descend, the knobbly bald heads of rocky outcrops race by the windows.  I never knew the earth to be such a canvas of patterns and colours.  It is beautiful. As I try desperately to preserve the impressions in my brain of all I have seen, and touched, and felt so that I can revisit it all in later years, I realise that this nothingness is what I came for.  And the nothingness provided one of the richest experiences I have ever known.

we land on a white sand beach upon which the Atlantic beats with frothy waves and the wind whips sharply around my ankles. I walk barefoot away from the plane and into the bare reaches of sand, rock, and gravel to feel the emptiness of the desert”

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Namibia's Highlights


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Namibia's Highlights

Damaraland & The North-West

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Namibia's Highlights

The Namib Desert

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Camping Safari in the dunes of Namibia

If a simple elemental experience appeals then there can’t be too many things that will beat a couple of days exploring the colossal dune system that...
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