Visit a land rich in culture with stunning landscapes – including misty mountains, volcanoes, lush Amazon valleys teaming with wildlife as well as the extraordinary biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands.


About Ecuador

Mainland Ecuador is irrefutably worth exploring – with a wealth of wonders from the Andes to the Amazon Rainforest, via active volcanoes, cloud forest, culture, and history. Somewhat overshadowed by the fame of the Galapagos Islands, mainland Ecuador is unfairly unsung as a destination – in truth, it’s an incredibly biodiverse and varied country, particularly given its diminutive size

Quito and Guayaquil are the usual points of entry, and they are both much more than mere transit points. The capital, Quito, founded in 1534, boasts the best-preserved centre in Latin America, housing ancient monasteries and picturesque plazas. Among the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites (1978), Quito is far from being a fusty museum, with its lively cobbled streets and a vibrant food and arts scene. Guayaquil is an energetic port town, and although more dilapidated than the capital, its pretty riverfront is flanked by historic buildings dating back to the city’s golden age of the cacao trade.

Beyond the cities, follow the Andes south, passing Cotopaxi, which, at just under 6,000 meters, is the highest active volcano on the planet. Continue along the Avenue of Volcanoes to sleepy towns such as Baños and Cuenca, where you can relax in thermal baths and wander the timeless streets. To the east of the Andes, the Napo River and Yasuni National Park can be found in the lush Amazon Rainforest, home to a glorious array of wildlife, from macaws to howling monkeys, sloths, and river dolphins.

Between the mountain peaks and the jungle lie patches of cloud forest, which, although less well-known than the rainforest, is even more biodiverse. It’s home to millions of species, large and small, including the Andean spectacled bear, pumas, ocelots, reptiles, amphibians, and literally hundreds of bird species.

While undoubtedly deserving exploration in its own right, a visit to mainland Ecuador is the perfect accompaniment to the amazing Galapagos Islands

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Top Reasons To Visit Ecuador

The reasons for visiting Ecuador are as rich and varied as the country itself. This relatively small country packs a huge punch when it comes to a travel experience from the beaches of the Pacific coastline to the banks of the Amazon there is something for everyone – the adventurer, nature lover, history buff, or a foodie this is what makes it an unforgettable country to explore.

Best Time To Visit Ecuador

Dry Season (June to September): This period corresponds to the dry season in the region and is an excellent time to visit. You can expect more stable weather with less rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as birdwatching, hiking, and exploring the cloud forest. The drier conditions also increase the chances of clear skies for wildlife observation.

Rainy Season (October to May): While the rainy season brings more frequent rainfall, it’s also the time when the cloud forest is at its most vibrant and lush. The increased moisture enhances the greenery and makes it an excellent period for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Be prepared for occasional rain showers and wet trails, but this season offers unique ecological experiences.

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Best Time To Visit Ecuador


EcuadorParks & Areas

Ecuador places a strong emphasis on environmental conservation, including efforts to protect the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest, contributing to the global conservation efforts. So whether you are riding in the High Sierra Mountains, or canoeing down the Amazon admiring the outstanding scenery you can rest assured your footprint will be a light one. Here are some of our favourite stopping off points…

Napo Wildlife Centre

Ecuador’s eastern flank is a land of jungle, the most biodiverse place on our planet. A visit to the Napo Wildlife Centre immerses you in the vibrant, teeming heart of this jungle, situated at the confluence of two rivers.

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Hacienda Cusin

Situated in the Northern Highlands, Hacienda Cusin is a captivating haven nestled between forests, fields, and mountains.

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Hacienda Zuleta

Situated just a two-hour drive north from the center of Quito in the lush Northern Highlands, Hacienda Zuleta is a captivating haven nestled between forests, fields, and mountains.

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El Monte Lodge

El Monte offers an extraordinary ecotourism experience in the heart of the moss-covered Cloud Forests of the Mindo Nambillo Protected Forest.

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Mashpi Lodge

One man’s passion has not only created an amazing and luxurious place in which to stay and relish the forest, but it has also created employment for the local community, with 80 % of the staff coming from the surrounding region.

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Ecuador (FAQs) Need to Know

Is Ecuador a family-friendly destination?

Travelling in Ecuador is safe, easy and family friendly. The people are welcoming and knowledgable. There are plenty of opportunities to combine learning with leisure when you visit Ecuador. 

What is the ideal length of time to stay in Ecuador?

Ultimately, the duration of your stay should align with your interests and the kind of experience you want to have. It’s a good idea to discuss your preferences with our team as we can take you to a single destination or arrange multiple visits.

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