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Ancient history and a welcoming culture, wrapped up in breathtaking scenery

Ethiopia boasts many experiences that feel truly timeless, from the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela to the tribes of the Omo Valley

It's gradually opening up to tourists, so it's now possible to explore thanks to new lodges and a reliable domestic airline linking the main towns of Northern Ethiopia.

Northern Ethiopia is home to an abundance of historical monuments, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the island monasteries of Lake Tana, the obelisks of Axum and the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. It is fascinating learning about the history of the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant in its secret Axum location.

Religion and tradition play an important role in daily life here. Ethiopia is predominantly a Christian country with a 40% Muslim population and the harmony between both religions is evident. Wherever you are, the courtesy and friendliness of the people is overwhelming – be it observing a coffee making ceremony or watching the traditional “injera” bread being made.

While not an obvious choice for a safari, you'll be surprised by the number of rare, endemic species to be seen. You could hike in the Simien Highlands, home to the last population of Walia Ibex and another of Ethiopia’s wildlife treasures, the Ghelada Monkey. Or look out for the Ethiopian Wolf and Bale Monkey in the forests and plains of the Bale Mountains.

Wherever you are, the courtesy and friendliness of the people is overwhelming – be it observing a coffee making ceremony or watching the traditional “injera” bread being made”

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Ethiopia's top experiences

A journey into the Omo Valley

Off -grid with a mobile camp in the little-visited south, from the remote region of Kibish to Omo Valley National Park, on Kenya’s northern border

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Ethiopia's top experiences

Ethiopia's Historical North

Discovering the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and beyond

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Ethiopia's top experiences

Ethiopia's Bale Mountains and Rock-hewn churches

Combine the endemic wildlife of the Bale Mountains with the historic north of Ethiopia

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Trekking up to the Hudad Plateau in the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia

As part of your stay in Northern Ethiopia be sure to consider a trek into the northern Highlands to spend the night in a tukul on top of the Hudad Plateau at 3000m above sea level.

The journey on foot takes about 2 hours on a busy winding path, used for generations by school children as well as people taking donkeys, goats and other farm produce to market. Throughout the winding ascent you’ll meet people on their way to Lalibela and here - as everywhere in Ethiopia - people are open and hospitable, greeting strangers with smiles and Salaams. Humans and livestock are enviably sure-footed and speedy on such narrow tracks.

On arrival at Hudad Lodge you’ll be welcomed with delicious fresh papaya, tea and fantastic views before being shown to your "Tukul" - a cone-shaped hut built by local artisans from stones hand-mined from the plateau itself. The local community is deeply involved in the lodge - from constructing new tukuls and cooking to performing evening entertainment. The Tukuls have huge wooden beds and warm sweaters and traditional clothing are provided to stave off the evening chill. There is no running water or electricity here but you do have a long drop loo with a view.  Hot water bottles are put into your bed at night.

Habituated gelada monkeys roam freely on the plateau here and Lammergeyers soar in the sky above. This is a wonderful and authentic way to experience this dramatic part of Ethiopia.

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