Big game & wilderness
in Zambia

  • 7 Nights
  • June – October
  • Zambia
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Trip Overview

The Lower Zambezi offers a superb ‘big-game fix’ for any safari – swimming elephants, stalking leopards and great prides of lion are frequent.

The second location in this itinerary, the Kafue National Park, harbours more species of antelope than anywhere else and anything it lacks in mammal concentration it more than makes up for in variety.

Very few people combine these two fabulous areas despite being eminently possible. Start in the world famous Zambezi Valley where stunning big game sightings are virtually guaranteed before heading to the wilds of Kafue.

The Lower Zambezi and Kafue are two spectacular National Parks – and are spectacularly different. Marrying the two on the same expedition within the space of a week can produce a sublime experience.

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Unexpected Highlights of this itinerary

Often the best safaris involve looking beyond the obvious highlights. It’s about the myriad exhilarating encounters that will make your heart sing. These are encounters that nobody could ever predict, but that make your safari genuinely unique.

Trip Itinerary

Big game & wilderness in Zambia

Lower Zambezi National Park (3 Nights)
3 Nights

Lower Zambezi National Park

Starting in the Zambezi where sightings of Africa’s most iconic mammals are virtually guaranteed, the guiding is superb and the means to get around – boat, canoe, on foot and by jeep (day and night) is wonderfully varied before heading on the wild, remote and relatively little visited Kafue National Park. 

Like all Zambian National Parks it is also possible to undertake a brilliant walking safari in the Lower Zambezi, so if this is something that interests you, do let us know. 

It’s a remarkably short hop from Zambia’s bustling capital city Lusaka by light aircraft, over the escarpment down to the Zambezi Valley. Dominated by the massive, meandering, mighty Zambezi River which you’ll see first from the air – and likely some wildlife too. 

You could of course spend a week in the Lower Zambezi alone, but the truth is after a few days you will have likely encountered most of the headline species so we recommend heading somewhere completely different.


Anabezi Camp

Anabezi is the furthest East of the camps in the Lower Zambezi NP and thus in the area least frequented by people – the driving, walking and fishing opportunities are all excellent.

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Kafue National Park (4 Nights)
4 Nights

Kafue National Park

This is a safari of contrasts, designed to give you a good sharp dose of all the big stars before leading you down the path less travelled with a sense of real exploration. It’s hard to exaggerate just how different the Kafue is from the Lower Zambezi. Lots of species of mammals and birds occur in both parks but very few trees do and the whole environment has a distinct feel to it.

It’s a short hop back up to Lusaka and then on to the Kafue. You can either drive or fly to the Kafue and we’d recommend driving at least one direction as it is a good tar road for much of the way and gives a real feeling of journey and how the environments fit together.


You certainly have to work harder for sightings in the Kafue than the Lower Zambezi but that is part of the fun – it’s more participatory and less vicarious – and the park never fails to surprise, just when you feel that you are seeing very little you’ll happen across a herd of sable or a perambulating cheetah.


Musekese Camp will be your base for the next four nights and you’ll immediately notice a change in atmosphere. Tourism in the Kafue is in its infancy and the feeling of passion amongst the guides is palpable – there’s an almost evangelical zeal to prove to you that you’ve come to a great place and it is utterly charming.

Musekese Safari Camp

If a camp could be cloned and replanted in every wild place worth visiting it would be Musekese as it’s everything that a safari camp should be.

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