Visiting Zambia in the off season

The off season is known as the emerald season in Zambia.  The Lower Zambezi closes down completely as does the North Luangwa National Park. In South Luangwa the rains fill up the rivers and oxbow lakes and flood much of the park.   Most of the smaller bush camps close during the emerald season however some of the higher and larger camps remain open.

We recommend that you do travel in the emerald season.   As the name suggests you see Africa in bloom, green and full of water. It is a time of plenty for the game and they drop their young. The birds grow their breeding plumage and fill the air with their mating calls.  The animals are forced to high ground although they do also disperse as the inland waterholes fill up and most of the game viewing is done by boat rather than on foot.

Game viewing in the green season is a totally different experience than in the dry. You will not see as much game, but will see flowering trees, beautiful birds and lots of babies.   The added advantage of travelling at this time of year is that the costs are low season rates.

Posted by: Alex

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