Walking Safaris in Zambia

The best places to explore Zambia on foot

Zambia has long been one of the best places to go on a walking safari.

Combining an ideal landscape, great game and top guiding, and the capability to walk within National Parks, Zambia is hard to beat on two feet. The Luangwa National Parks and Kafue are particularly worth visiting for the quality of the walking.

Walking with wildlife is a completely different experience to driving.  The experience is more intense and exciting (even if you are just looking at an impala), you get to appreciate the small but very interesting things that you would totally miss in a vehicle, and of course you are out there in the African bush, on the same terms as the animals (except of course you have a very experienced guide).

Many camps in Zambia will offer daily walking activities from the camp in the mornings or evenings, in addition to game drives and possibly boat trips.  These are normally a couple of hours, not very strenuous ambles. If you’re looking for more in-depth walks then there are a couple of excellent options that you should look at. 

For those determined to spend as little time in a vehicle as possible, you can opt for mobile walking safaris like this 5-day one in Luangwa.  Here you will spend each night in a different spot, walking between the camp-sites as the camp moves ahead of you each day.  The walking will be a bit more strenuous (but you certainly don't have to be an athete to participate) and you'll spend more time on the trail.  However this is a wonderfully liberating way to experience Zambia’s wilderness

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25 years of walking experience

Unlike many companies who offer walking safaris without any real experience of what it's like to undertake, let alone lead them, we at Natural High have walking safaris in our blood. From leading walks in Southern Tanzania for many years to Rod Tether's extensive experience of living and running his own specialist walking camp in Zambia's remote North Luangwa.

If you'd like to discuss walking safaris, understand when, where - and if - to go on one, then we would highly recommend beginning by dropping Rod a line. He will be more than happy to chat with you, outline some ideas of where to go and - after fully understanding what you're wanting - provide you with detailed options and prices.

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Walking Safaris in Zambia


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Walking Safaris in Zambia


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