Serengeti National Park camps - Klein’s Camp

Klein’s Camp

Klein's Camp is a small luxury lodge in Loliondo right on the eastern boundary of the northern Serengeti.  Klein's, like the other And Beyond properties, caters very much for the luxury end of the market. There are 10 stone built cottages with thatched roofs, all very comfortable and well designed with wooden floors, private verandas and en suite bathrooms. There is a large well furnished central bar & dining area with imposing views over the Kleins conservancy as well as a decent swimming pool.  Service and attention to detail is tip top and this is somewhere you can expect to want for little, in fact if we were being picky we might suggest it's perhaps all a bit TOO squeaky clean…Some people might crave a little 'roughness around the edges' after too long here.   One of the main advantages of this area and indeed the whole of Loliondo is the fact that there are so few other people around, so in all likelihood, other than fellow guests, the only people you'll come across will be the local Maasai to whom the broader area belongs, although they and their herds are denied access to the immediate Kleins area.

Being a private concession area, and outside the Serengeti National Park, it's able not only to provide game drives but also walks and nightdrives, which are great for leopard in this area. The position of Klein's means that it's well placed for accessing the Serengeti (the Kleins entry gate is hardly a mile behind camp), from where Bologonja is easily accessible as is the Mara River, towards Kogatende on a fuller day trip.  You need to be aware that activities here are shared, with a maximum of 7 people per vehicle so don’t expect to have a private vehicle as standard.

price includes accommodation, food, drinks, laundry, activities and excludes transfers.

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