Few people are prepared for the frequency of truly remarkable wildlife encounters possible on safari. From the chance to see a cheetah hunt unfold from start to finish to witnessing a herd of over 100 elephant cross a river.

But extraordinary wildlife encounters aren’t always about scale. As often as not, what makes them memorable memorable is the unexpectedness and the intimacy of the moment – watching freshly hatched crocodiles slide into the water on a December morning, or waking up in time to witness spot a group of wild dogs trotting with casual insouciance past your tent.

In the company of a knowledgeable guide and – most importantly – allowing things to unfold slowly rather than chasing the headline acts, most safaris will be filled with enumerable encounters with the natural world that you could never predict, or repeat. Read below for the when, where and what, or speak to us about planning your next adventure.


Epic Wildlife Safaris Experiences:

Where do I stay on a safari like this?

We recommend you mix things up a bit. A bit of luxury, with a splash of adventure, but the balance depends on you and your preferences and we'll discuss these with you before we put pen to paper.

Take a look at the different styles of safari accommodation here.

Where are the best places to go – and when?

Let's start with some of the best known: the Serengeti Wildebeest migration is probably the biggest wildlife spectacle you're likely to see. But this star location guarantees superlative wildlife viewing year round. It's a big claim to make, but get to the right place and it's true. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is also a big hitter throughout the seasons, again subject to getting to the right place at the right time. Kenya's Maasai Mara is small, but packed with wildlife year round.

How about some lesser known spots?

Exploring Tanzania's Ruaha National Park or Katavi National Park in the dry season rank among the best wildlife experiences in Africa. Zambia's Kafue was long overlooked, but like the better known South Luangwa (also superb for game viewing) this park can deliver sensational wildlife sightings from cheetah to lion, buffalo and large herds of elephant.

What are my chances of seeing the big stuff?

There are many parks in a number of countries where you have an excellent chance of great quality sightings of the major species, such as lion, elephant, buffalo and giraffe. We’ll set you up with an experienced guide who will give you time to wait and watch (rather than a driver who shouts out the names of large animals while driving past at 30 miles an hour). And remember to pay attention to the small stuff. Many of the best sightings come from frequently stopping to look at smaller details.